Dear Friends of Loyola, 

The above pictures are of the road damage to the only access to Loyola on the Potomac Retreat House.  The access is gone due to the flooding we incured last week.

Needless to say I am writing this appeal because this is an emergency for Loyola.  We cannot have retreats and have had to cancel all retreats scheduled for September.  We are desperately in need of your financial help to get us through this crisis.  Our insurance agent has informed us that this damage is not covered under our property insurance. 

I have already laid off most of our employees and we will work ferociously to get them back in business.  Our Jesuits are displaced as well since we cannot even get emergency vehicles into the retreat house.

You can make a donation on-line through Paypal or send us a check to P.O. Box 9, Faulkner, MD  20632.

Thank you for responding to our desparate need.  All for the greater honor and Glory of God – AMDG.

Sincerest Thanks,

Jim Greer


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