My Relationship with the Crucifix Has Changed: Gina Palladino

Our New Year Retreat Weekend was filled with many blessings and gifts shared for a “New Year Favorable With The Lord – A  New Beginning”.  We would like to share with you one of those gifts – written on January 1st by one of our retreatants.  Gina Palladino

My Relationship with the Crucifix Has Changed By Gina Palladino, January 1, 2012

My relationship with the crucifix has changed. On the evening of Friday, December 30th, I sat in the balcony of the chapel at Loyola on the Potomac and a new image unfolded as I looked at Christ on the Cross. The wood of the cross started to curve upwards, fill in with wooden slats and become a boat. Jesus stood up inside the boat and became the mast, keeping his arms stretched out to support the sail cloths. The wind was at his back. I could now climb into in the boat with him and go for a sail. “Now, we’re getting somewhere,” I thought. This was exciting. The large, stationary image of Christ “stuck up there” on his cross is prevalent in many Catholic Churches, but I’m starting to realize that I can invite Jesus down and we can travel together, using his cross as a vehicle. And, perhaps he’s only “stuck up there” if I think he is and I’m only “stuck down here” if I think I am. Incidentally, I’ve also wondered if we could use the cross as a snow board or a hang glider (replacing the heavy wood with lighter materials) and I think Jesus would give us the go ahead!

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