Retreat Angel Society

Loyola Society of Retreat Angels

Since 1958 Loyola on the Potomac has been supported on the wings of angels near and far. We are calling on new Angels to help us provide the same meaningful spiritual experience that you and many others are able to enjoy. 

  • Being an Angel will give you the joy and satifaction of knowing that your support will help all of those who would otherwise not have the opportunity for a meaningful Spiritual experience at Loyola Retreat House.
  • Being an Angel will give you the joy and satisfaction of an annual members’ gathering of the graces at the Loyola Retreat House.  This will include Mass, dinner and the opportunity to meet some of the beneficiaries of the Society’s support.

On-going prayers will also be offered by the beneficiaries of the Society’s support for member’s needs or intentions.

If you would like to become a member of the loyola Society of Retreat Angels at the Annual Level of:

Cherub – $500

Archangel – $250

Angel – $100

Click here to become an Annual Angel Society Member or donate below.

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