Directed and Private

During a Private Retreat, a retreatant embraces the silence and serenity of Loyola to enjoy and to deepen his or her relationship with God, without the assistance of a spiritual director.

During a Directed Retreat, a spiritual director is assigned to meet with the retreatant daily.  Together they explore the retreatant’s experience of God.  The spiritual director will offer encouragement and suggestions for prayer to help the retreatant enjoy God’s friendship and grow in it.

August 1 – 9
Only private retreat is still available for August 1-9, 2023.
To be added to the waiting list for a directed retreat on this date (in case we have cancellations):

Both Private and Directed Retreats are available on all of the following dates. You may register for any of these retreats online by using the buttons below the table.

Retreat DatesFee (Directed / Private)
Weekend Retreats$250 / $250
September 22-24, 2023
January 5-7, 2024
Five Day Retreats$510 / $465
January 2-7, 2024
May 28 – June 2, 2024
June 18-23, 2024
July 16-21, 2024
August 7-12, 2024
Eight Day Retreats$675 / $625
May 28 – June 5, 2024
June 18-26, 2024
July 16-24, 2024
August 7-15, 2024

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